When and How to Switch from Traditional to Digital Marketing

When and How to Switch from Traditional to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is frequently seen as a separate science and compared to traditional marketing. Digital marketing, in my opinion, is the evolution of marketing as a result of new technological advancements. The laws of the game have altered as a result of social, cloud, analytics, and mobility. Even so, the fundamentals of marketing haven’t changed. That is, clients should be informed about the product, pricing, and packaging through promotions and packaging. New technologies like 3D printing, augmented reality, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence (AI) assist us in better understanding and reaching out to customers in the most cost-effective manner.

When and How to Switch from Traditional to Digital Marketing

The following are five ways that digitisation alters rather than improves marketing: 

Branding : The customer’s experience is crucial. Loyalty and advocacy are the result of positive encounters. And bad press follows a bad experience. Companies are becoming more inventive and incorporating a variety of experiences. Macdonald’s use of Pokemon games is one such example. The potential for using technology to improve brand awareness is enormous.

People now have more power thanks to technology : social media has given brands direct access to consumers and vice versa. The feedback is now directly captured. Grievances are submitted via the internet. People now search everything on the internet before making an informed decision, resulting in zero moments of truth. 

Engineering to ensure that products and services are the ones who sell themselves : New-age brands rely on the strength of their engineering to spread the word about their product.

Being interesting has become the norm : Humane and interesting stories assist to make a business more relevant. The end consumer stories are now directly collected and communicated as marketing content, with user-generated content taking precedence. Interesting stories go viral, enhancing a company’s positive image. Bad news, on the other hand, might bring the brand down.

Community is the way to go : Social media has made it possible for connoisseurs clubs to exist. Customers that are passionate about a brand are the best brand ambassadors. Communities give them a voice, and they also assist the brand get useful feedback on their products. One example is SAP Community. SAP customers, partners, and developers collaborate on projects, share ideas, and gain access to new resources. It has 2.8 community members and has 287,000 daily visits. Users can also subscribe to a certain topic depending on their interests: Clouds in the Industry (example)

3c should always be used in conjunction with the 4Ps. 

The most important factor is content : Find useful and entertaining things for customers to say about your product and services at all times. 

Communication : Using various media to tell relevant stories to the correct audience. 

Building a strong community in which to share, discuss, and improve.

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