These SEO WordPress Plugins Will Boost Your Visibility

These SEO WordPress Plugins Will Boost Your Visibility

Today I’m going to show you several WordPress plugins that will help you enhance your SEO

There are a lot of methods that can help you get more visitors and subscribers through search, but only a few of them are truly effective. As a business owner, you want to use the best-performing plugins to assist your website climb the search rankings. Do you want to have access to professional resources without having to hire one? Please let me know how these amazing tools perform for you! 

1) Use Broken Link Checker to fix broken links on your website. 

Keep an eye on your website and keep track of any broken links, including images. Broken Link Checker looks for broken links in your posts, pages, comments, and so on. Receive alerts and stop search engines from following broken links. The data is compiled into a report, which includes a link to the page or post that needs to be modified. 

2) External Links – Add nofollow attributes 

Drive external and internal search engines to the most crucial content. External Links is a simple plugin that lets you rapidly add a nofollow attribute to your links. Scan full pages and posts, as well as add connections to icons. You can control certain links with their built-in actions and filters. 

3) The SEO Framework is a simple option for beginners. 

You can optimize your site for search engines without having to pay a developer. The SEO Framework is totally automated and aids in the enhancement of your online presence. Adjustments can be made to posts, pages, taxonomy, and terms, as well as suggestions for what to improve, using the pre-configured settings. With this powerful plugin, you can increase your social shares as well as your page rank

4) Create a searchable summary – All In One Schema Rich Snippets for SEO

Make a great summary of your website’s pages on places like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Facebook. All In One Schema Rich Snippets enables you to design interactive snippets that stand out from the competition. When a user shares a link on Facebook, this plugin helps you boost your position by displaying the correct information. 

Hopefully, these WordPress plugins can help you improve your search engine exposure. Are there any more you’d want to mention? 

Have a good time with these tools and tips.

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