SEO’s Importance in eCommerce: 5 Recommendations

SEO’s Importance in eCommerce: 5 Recommendations

There is a phase that demands effort and commitment between the time your store’s platform is launched and sales begin to occur routinely. 

Within this process, search engine optimization, also known as SEO (search engine optimization), is one of the most efficient long-term methods. 

After all, SEO is the method through which your store will receive organic traffic by improving its rating in Google’s and other search engines’ SERPs (search engine results pages). 

SEO’s Importance in eCommerce: 5 Recommendations

According to The Search Engine Journal, 93 percent of online activity starts with a search, emphasizing the significance of SEO for eCommerce. 

Use SEO to increase traffic and sales

Many businesses, including this one, are already utilizing optimal SEO methods to drive visitors to their online stores. This isn’t just ordinary traffic, either. It’s not only about volume, but also about the appropriate kind of traffic. That is, the number of people that are interested in learning about and possibly purchasing your items considerably increases your chances of success. 

In the fourth quarter of 2016, conversion rates for online transactions ranged from 4.14 to conventional media, smartphones, and 1.55 to 3.56 in tablets, for an average of 3.08. It means that out of every 100 people who visited an online store, three of them became customers. 

According to this data, implementing a proper SEO strategy that drives traffic to your store will boost the amount of visitors to your site. More customers and sales will result from more well-targeted potential consumers visiting your website. 

Patience is required when it comes to SEO

SEO will not yield immediate benefits. It takes time to establish a positive reputation with search engines in order to improve your SERP ranking (75 percent of users never go beyond the first page). This is true in every situation, including eCommerce. 

As a result, an increase in traffic translates to higher sales, which can pay the cost of SEO. This is, without a doubt, a really good thing. The bad news is that it could take months for this to happen. 

It is a correct forecast with grounded expectations, more than patience in and of itself. 

It is certain that the consumer base will expand, and those who have previously purchased may become repeat customers. It is necessary to give SEO room in order to achieve the desired outcomes; otherwise, you will be unable to suspend your strategy after a month, claiming that it is ineffective. 

On the other hand, without SEO, you will not see significant increases in organic traffic to your website. 

Combining an SEO strategy with a PPC (pay per click) approach is a suitable option if you need instant results in addition to long-term positive results. 

5 E-Commerce SEO Recommendations: 

There are a variety of techniques to improve your SEO approach, each with varying degrees of difficulty. However, in general, there are five guidelines that you can start with. 

Integration of social media 

To be complete, your e-commerce site must include social networking. People should be able to share, comment on, and interact with your products if you include buttons that allow them to do so. It will help you grow and develop the community that surrounds your company. 

Search engines will perceive your brand and store as useful to users if customers can use these buttons, which they can. 

Furthermore, increasing your company’s social media presence helps establish a conversation among customers, who will spread the word about your products. 

User Feedback 

Allowing users to comment on the product they purchased from you would be beneficial. Each product must have this option activated. 

According to Internet Retailer, having user evaluations and comments of your items can help you convert more customers. Similarly, 77 percent of shoppers examine reviews and recommendations before making a purchase, according to estimates. 

However, in addition to helping you raise conversion rates, these reviews can also assist you support your SEO strategy by increasing the amount of content on your site. 

Using Trial and Error to Improve 

It’s critical to regularly tweak your SEO efforts for greater long-term outcomes. 

Use digital analytics tools, for example, to determine which keywords are generating the most conversions. 

Similarly, as we previously stated, investing in PPC advertising is a good compliment to your SEO approach. Similar to the last example, it assists you in identifying keywords in this scenario. These phrases should be incorporated into your SEO approach. 

Other components, such as meta titles and meta descriptions, as well as the content of specific pages, are also affected. 

Remember that you must make one modification at a time in order for this trial and error technique to work. 

Create a blog and feed it with content

Having a blog, though it may not appear so at first, is really advantageous to your online store. 

Keywords are a crucial component of any SEO plan. When the strategy is being developed, an inquiry must be conducted to establish the keywords that will be used. 

Each page on your site should answer to a single keyword, which is the one that will help you rank higher in the SERPs. 

As a result, there will be terms that your product pages and your e-commerce site will be unable to use. It doesn’t mean they’re gone, but it does mean you’ll never be able to use those words in a search engine ranking. A blog is the best place to put them.

Of course, writing a blog should not be something you do to pass the time. It must feature information that is of good quality and easy to read. It would be easier to get it to work if you fed it on a regular basis. 

Creating Connections 

It would help if you find a means to get high-quality inbound links. You need to stress quality since if numerous low-quality sites have links that go to your e-commerce site, it is most likely that the search engine algorithms will penalize it, causing it to decrease in the SERP ranking. But beyond the penalties, that traffic will not benefit you at all. 

What you should do here is concentrate on obtaining links from sites that are authoritative in your sector. These are the high-quality links that you require. You can then offer them something of value in exchange for the links once you’ve identified those sites. 

For your shared audience, your offer may be fascinating, high-quality, and valuable blog content. For example, it could be a written piece, a study, or a visually appealing infographic. You might even give them a sample of your goods to try and evaluate on that website. 

Having a great SEO strategy is essential regardless of whether you are just getting started with your e-commerce site, whether it has been up and running for a while, or how successful you have been in the past. 

SEO will improve traffic to your website, boost your company’s credibility, and even position you as an industry leader. The most crucial thing, though, is to boost sales. 


Keep in mind that SEO work is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. You can’t just leave it once the site is up and running. Google and other major search engines alter their algorithms on a regular basis, and you must stay current. It is recommended that you engage an SEO specialist or agency if you are not an SEO expert. You may engage a San Diego SEO company for your business to receive the best SEO service and a solid SERP ranking. 

It’s a work that will take time, effort, and attention, but the payoff will be well worth it. 

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