Is Your Company Ready for the Challenge of Digital Marketing?

Is Your Company Ready for the Challenge of Digital Marketing?

Silas T Nkoana, the chief creative officer, founder and marketing consultant of SYOBza, provides expert advise. 

Some people may find digital marketing to be daunting. You’re aware that digital marketing is the way of the future, but you’re not sure where to begin or what you need to do to stay ahead of the pack (or up to date on current trends). 

In its most basic form, digital marketing refers to any type of internet advertising. Your company’s website, social media presence, email campaigns, search engine marketing, and so much more are all part of digital marketing. The value of digital marketing is undeniable. By 2022, the Internet will have surpassed television as the most potent advertising channel, accounting for over 54% of global ad spending. 

Is Your Company Ready for the Challenge of Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing enables firms to identify their target consumer and send personalized marketing messages at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods, with easy analytics to track campaign results. 

The website is your brand’s or company’s digital home. 

Your company’s website is its “face,” and it should be given high consideration. Make sure your site is mobile-first, not just responsive. Nearly 60% of all searches made in the United States were conducted using mobile devices. Websites should be easy to read thanks to good graphic design and language, particularly the description of your brand’s value. 

Consumers lack the time and attention span to read big blocks of material. The use of bullet points and brief words is essential. The website experience is more lively when original video and images are added (stock photography is minimized). When asked how they would want to learn about a product or service, 69 percent said they would rather watch a short video, while 18 percent said they would rather read a text-based article, website, or post, according to a recent research. Finally, provide your company’s phone number, email addresses (as clickable links), and connections to your company’s social media accounts on your website. 

Your company’s omnipresent face on social media 

Social media is no longer just for personal usage when it comes to connecting with customers. The location of a company’s marketing should correspond to the location of its target market. Furthermore, customers are spending a growing amount of time scrolling via social media (not just kids, either). 

It’s not just about LinkedIn if you’re a B2B company. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest may also make sense to include in your social media strategy, depending on the nature of your company’s products and services. It’s a good idea to come up with a few different ideas for each platform. 

By far the most cost-effective medium, social media requires a lot of upkeep to be current and relevant. In this marketing medium, there is a lot of room for creativity. 

Where does the magic begin when it comes to marketing budgets? 

Make sure you’ve set aside enough money for marketing and advertising. According to Deloitte’s annual CMO Survey, marketing budgets currently account for about 11.7 percent of total corporate spending. 

Hire specialists if your budget permits it. While freelance graphic designers and writers will always have a place in digital marketing, as your efforts become more sophisticated, choosing the proper partners may be the best marketing move you can make to help you build your brand. You always get what you pay for in marketing (as in life). The good news is that there are specialists in the field who are eager and able to assist. 

Silas T Nkoana is the marketing consultant of SYOBza, a leading advertising and marketing firm in Midrand. Visit for additional details.

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