How much are businesses losing because of poor SEO?

Regardless of what your company does, a web search is the most common approach for potential customers to learn more about you. The latest search engine optimization tactics are discussed by Alex Turrell, Marketing Manager at Intergage Marketing Engineers. 

The majority of a manufacturer’s time is spent inventing new goods, optimizing supply networks, and analyzing data to improve quality and productivity. And with good reason. 

Regrettably, they rarely devote the same attention to the sales and marketing production line – the lifeblood that keeps the business engine running. Manufacturers risk suffocating growth and profitability if they don’t focus on this. 

Worse, you risk being overlooked by potential clients. However, there is a growing emphasis on digital: according to Think with Google, 71% of B2B customers start their study with a generic Google search. And 62% of firms spend the majority of their marketing expenditure on digital marketing rather than more traditional methods. 

So, where should manufacturing companies begin their digital marketing efforts? And how much may it cost them if they don’t focus properly? 

Search engine optimization (SEO), marketing automation, account-based marketing, and digital advertising are all gaining in importance in the digital marketing mix. 

When it comes to initiatives to focus on, manufacturing marketers have their hands full. With limited resources, it’s critical to concentrate on the areas that will have the greatest impact. 

What is SEO and how does it work? 

Google offers up items in order of relevancy when people search the internet. So, how does that function in practice? 

The internet user conducts a search on Google, which returns a large number of results based on the terms and intent entered by the searcher. 

The user selects the most relevant result for them and the problem they’re attempting to address. 

The user is more likely to spend more time on the website that published the page if it is useful, intelligent, and answers their questions. 

Because of this behavior, Google deduces that this page is valuable for searches with comparable terms and intent, and hence shows it up more frequently. 

What role does SEO play in digital marketing

In 2020, manufacturing companies saw social media promotion, regular written content, email marketing, and SEO as the four most successful strategies. As stated in the Manufacturing Marketing Report. 

Yes, using email marketing to reach a captive audience will help you achieve results. Furthermore, social media will assist you in promoting your products and services to individuals who are already familiar with you. However, getting found by search engines generates the incremental new business that every ambitious company requires. 

You must appear when prospects are seeking for your products and services and are eager for knowledge. According to study, if you don’t rank in the top five spots, you’re missing out on lucrative possibilities. Higher search rankings imply more people will see your product. 

As a result, Google’s first five positions are some of the most valuable real estate in digital marketing. This does not imply that you should aspire for top rankings for your brand name; you should already have those. 

It’s all about claiming the top spots for search phrases linked to problems, products, and services. These top-of-funnel, problem- and solution-focused searches are what allow you to connect with prospects early on and establish trust. 

The price of bad SEO 

Poor search engine rankings cost industrial companies an average of £270,000 in revenue every year, according to our analysis. This is dependent on a variety of circumstances, including: 

The higher the average sale value, the greater the potential loss (or gain)! 

Conversion rate of a website 

Conversion rate of leads to sales. 

One manufacturing company we worked with was losing more than £1 million per year due to low search engine rankings for terms. Could you afford to let a £1 million opportunity pass you by? 

It’s even worse to assume that the money you’re losing is going to your competitors – even if your products and services are superior – just because they rank higher in search engines than you. 

Many industrial companies operate in niche but competitive markets, and they simply cannot afford to pay the price of poor SEO and losing out on this kind of money. 

The race is won by going slowly and steadily. 

It’s vital to remember that SEO doesn’t produce immediate results. The goal is to keep your efforts consistent: most manufacturing companies will see returns in 6 to 12 months. 

If SEO is putting a burden on internal resources, consider joining the 64% of industrial marketers that outsource at least one marketing activity, according to the Content Marketing Institute. 

Manufacturing companies may get free SEO ROI reports from Intergage Marketing Engineers, which will show you: 

How much money are you currently losing? How much more money could you be making if you owned the top five Google positions? 

Which steps should you take to improve your SEO and revenue?

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