For your firm, there are four lead generation tactics to consider.

Given the growing number of online buyers in Singapore, digitally converting your business is an effective strategy to get qualified leads nowadays. You can reach out to your target market online, generate leads, and close deals.

However, producing leads is more difficult than it appears, which is why OOm would like to offer some advice. Thanks to our team of seasoned specialists who use data-driven tactics, our digital marketing agency in Singapore excels at lead creation. 

Here are four tried-and-true lead creation tactics for your company to consider. 

1. Consistently produce high-quality content 

If you don’t have anything useful to contribute, people will most likely pass you by. In this instance, attempt to provide high-quality content on a regular basis. Rather than taking the traditional hard-sell technique, you might be more subtle and create information in the style of: 

Case studies from blogs 



You may produce qualified leads with nearly any form of content as long as it catches your target audience’s attention. Also, to reach as many people as possible, make sure to disseminate your material throughout numerous digital platforms, such as your website and social media accounts. 

Most crucial, remember to incorporate information that provides answers to consumers’ pain points when developing quality content. For example, you may create a blog that provides business-related thoughts, suggestions, and tactics. To attract interested readers, share your blog entries on social media. You can increase traffic to your website and convert visitors into consumers by doing so. 

2. Make use of email marketing

Emails or newsletters are one of your most successful assets when it comes to business-to-business (B2B) marketing. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute, emails are the second most popular content type for B2B marketing (social media is top). 

Using emails or newsletters to create leads is a great approach to do it. It can assist you in reaching out to potential customers or clients with your material. To do so, you’ll need to first construct an email list. 

Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter to establish an email list. For example, to send readers to your sign-up page, include a call to action (CTA) button or link in your blog and social media articles. Those who are interested will sign up for your newsletter. 

Your email list will inevitably expand over time. Encourage clients to sign up for your emails so you can build a stronger relationship with them by keeping them up to date on the newest trends and news in your industry, products, and services. 

3. Make your website more user-friendly. 

For lead generation, website optimization is critical. After all, it’s on your website that your customers get information about your company. As a result, in order to produce more leads, you must optimize your website for SEO

There are numerous strategies to make your website more conducive to lead generation. One of them is to figure out which page on your website receives the most traffic. On that page, include a form or a call to action to engage potential consumers and encourage them to sign up for an account or follow your social media profile. 

You may also run A/B tests to see which CTA is the most effective at increasing click-through rates (CTR). A/B testing is a technique for enhancing the user experience by comparing two different versions of the same thing. You may make two alternative versions of a single web page, each with a different call to action. Analyze the results of an A/B test to see which CTA gets the most leads. 

4. Establish a social media presence 

Since roughly 4.96 million Singaporeans use social media in 2021, social media marketing is an excellent technique for expanding an audience. You can interact with your target audience on any social media platform. Depending on your goals, objectives, and tastes, choose a social media platform that can fit your demands. 

For example, if you want to do B2B marketing, LinkedIn can be the best option. After all, LinkedIn is used by 96 percent of B2B content marketers for social media marketing. These figures demonstrate LinkedIn’s dependability throughout the last decade. You can also join communities to meet future customers. 

Consider using social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others if your marketing strategy relies around the demands and interests of regular consumers. To create leads, promote your company on these channels. 

Regardless of which social media marketing platform you use, make sure you engage with your followers by releasing content on a regular basis and reacting to their comments and interactions as needed.

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