Every service-based business can benefit from these 5 great digital marketing techniques

Every service-based business can benefit from these 5 great digital marketing techniques

Digital marketing is the application of marketing tactics that can help you boost your company’s online presence and connect with potential clients. If you run a service-based company, you need to master digital marketing if you want to attract as many customers as possible. 

We’ll go over five terrific digital marketing tactics that can help your service-based business in this article. 

To reach the proper audience, concentrate on improving your SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing approach that improves your website’s search engine presence. Content, link development, and technical SEO are the three most important components of successful SEO strategy. 

Every service-based business can benefit from these 5 great digital marketing techniques

The information produced on your website to bring value to your audience is referred to as content. It could be in any of the following formats: text, image, video, or audio. Link building, on the other hand, is the practice of obtaining links from other websites to your own. 

In terms of technical SEO, this entails ensuring that your website satisfies certain technical standards that will allow it to be found by search engines. Each of these elements has a significant impact on your ability to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). 

If you want to increase the SEO of your website, you should also focus on keyword research, which is the process of identifying relevant search phrases or keywords that your target audience uses frequently in search engines. You’ll want to integrate these keywords into your material in a natural but effective way once you’ve found them. 

Consider the following example of a service-based website that has been well-optimized for search. 

Trainer Academy is a corporation that offers high-quality study materials to assist people in obtaining their personal trainer certifications. They make sure to produce quality and informative content for their audience in order to improve their SEO. 

For instance, they have a page about the finest personal trainer credentials available, which they have used to target a variety of keywords. And it appears that their efforts are paying off, as the article appears on the first page of Google for related queries with a total monthly search volume of 3,940. 

When it comes to improving your site’s SEO, you shouldn’t overlook the value of keyword research. Also, make sure you use specialized tools like Ahrefs or Moz to assist you with keyword research. 

Publish content marketing that is both informative and entertaining. 

The creation and dissemination of valuable information that may attract and educate your audience, as well as drive them to buy from your company, is what content marketing entails. You’ll be able to attract more website traffic from your target audience if you constantly produce high-quality content. 

Make sure you’re writing for your audience, not search engines, when creating high-quality content marketing that delivers results. Consider the pain issues that your ideal consumer is experiencing and strive to generate compelling content that will be helpful to them. To accomplish so, you’ll need to think of relevant themes that will pique your audience’s attention. 

Joining social media platforms like Reddit or Quora and then browsing for talks about issues in your field is one approach to find these topics. You’ll see areas where individuals need help when you locate these talks, so you may create topics to fill in the gaps and provide useful information. 

Let’s look at how one company uses content marketing to deliver a lot of value to its customers so you may do the same. 

FreshBooks is an accounting software provider for small and medium-sized businesses. They also provide informative pieces on their website that can benefit their readers. They have a blog post about how to create a winning invoice letter, for example. 

Because they work in the accounting sector, they are aware that some clients may be unaware of the importance of including an invoice letter with their bills. As a result, they’ve written a blog post explaining invoicing letters, how to write them, and even providing a template to get folks started. This is a terrific approach for FreshBooks to deliver value to their consumers while also helping small businesses. You may use this method to your advantage by investigating the legitimate problems your consumers are having and then developing content to address their concerns. This will gain their trust and may result in a large number of sales. 

Contribute guest posts to websites in your profession. 

The act of writing content for other websites (also known as guest blogging) is known as guest posting. It’s a powerful link-building strategy that can boost your SEO and help you spread the word about your company. 

You may just Google a term like “write for us [your niche]” to locate good guest posting possibilities. For example, if you worked in the health field and wanted to guest post for other websites, you could easily search for “write for us health” on Google and find a list of blogs and websites that accept guest writing pitches. To get an idea of what you’d get, look at the image below. 

When you have a list of websites that accept pitches, use a domain authority checker tool to weed out the low-quality sites. This tells you how strong a website is and how well it can help you rank with a link. 

You can now submit individual pitches to the editors of these blogs after you’ve chosen your sites. Most websites will have standards along with their contact information, so study them and make sure you understand them. Also, attempt to follow these editors on social media so you can build a relationship with them ahead of time. 

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for guest posts, undertake keyword research or join social media groups for inspiration. Both of these approaches were discussed previously in this post, and they’re worth trying out if you want to come up with interesting topic ideas that will help you write high-quality articles. 

Only use social media networks that are most appropriate for your needs. 

Social networking is a really strong tool that every business owner should utilize. However, many people make the mistake of trying to be on every platform at the same time, which can degrade the quality of their work. 

Prioritize quality above quantity, which means you should concentrate on mastering a limited number of social media channels. Consider your target audience while selecting the most appropriate platforms for your business. Ideally, you should use social media channels where your clients are engaged and present. 

So, research your target audience’s demographics, interests, and other pertinent variables before deciding which platforms to use to communicate with them. If you need more information, Forge and Smith has a guide on how to choose the right social media platform for your business. 

Let’s look at an example of a company that did a great job choosing the right social media platform to publish on for inspiration. 

Most people are familiar with Starbucks’ delicious coffees, but you may not be aware of how successfully they use social media to communicate with their customers. Take, for example, their Instagram page. It’s chock-full of visually appealing drink photographs and videos that they utilize to connect with clients and start conversations. These forms of visual content, along with unique captions or queries to get their followers discussing in the comments section, work quite well on Instagram. 

They also repost some of their customers’ posts, which increases brand loyalty by making individuals feel like they are a part of the company. As a service-based company, you need also make sure that the social media channels you use are appropriate for your target market. And, when you do, make sure you utilize high-quality photographs and posts to draw attention to your business and make it easy for your followers to engage with it. 

Pay attention to your marketing results and make changes as needed. 

You shouldn’t just put together a digital marketing strategy and then blindly implement it; you should closely analyze the results and adjust your strategy as needed. 

To evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns, keep track of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as the number of impressions they receive or the click-through rates, which tell you how many people actually clicked on your ad after seeing it. Keep an eye on the amount of conversions on your website, as well as high bounce rates, which indicate that consumers are departing your site without interacting. 

If you realize that your technique isn’t producing the desired outcomes, don’t give up. You need to acquire and master adaptability, as RMIT Online outlines in their guide to the top marketing talents, so you can stay flexible and constantly listening to the data that will help you design new tactics. 


If you run a service-based business, you should absolutely use some digital marketing tactics. 

You can start by creating great content for your audience, writing guest pieces for trusted websites, or utilizing the best social media platforms for your company. Once you’ve got these down, it won’t be long before you can start using the other ideas and seeing results from your digital marketing efforts.

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