Do These Five Things for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Do These Five Things for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing can be summed up in two words when it comes to growing an e-commerce firm. Advertisements are being placed where people are looking: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, and other social media platforms. Brands who run successful social media initiatives get significant results. To see a boost in revenue from digital advertisements, you’ll need more than just a strong product. Many firms waste money on ineffective advertisements or neglect to assess their KPIs in order to reach their target population.

Here are 5 strategies for increasing revenue with digital marketing if you’re just getting started or having trouble creating an efficient campaign. 

Do These Five Things for a Winning Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Use Content That Is Relevant 

The days when corporations needed a lot of money to create advertising campaigns are long gone. Today’s social ads resemble organic content that anyone could generate with an iPhone and rudimentary editing tools, rather than theatrical TV commercials. Customers or influencer testimonial films are being used by large and small organizations, as well as people making videos on their phones, adding subtitles and music, and then uploading the footage as an ad. When done well, this strategy leads to customer acquisition.

To find out what your audience responds to, try out a variety of creative assets. Video is favored by social media algorithms, so that’s an excellent place to start. Subtitles should be included because most people watch on silent. 

Consumers’ communication and response patterns have shifted as a result of social media. User-driven trends are here to stay, so stay on top of them to generate content that people want to read. And a trend that gets big on one platform ( think TikTok videos with on-screen text ) is likely to spread across all social media platforms.

2. Begin small

The last thing you want to do is go all out and spend a significant amount of money on an ad that doesn’t work. First, conduct market research, polls, and audience testing through Facebook or Instagram advertisements to determine who your potential clients are. Instead of CPA ( cost per acquisition ), CPC ( cost per click ), and other metrics, optimize your ad spend by ROAS ( return on ad spend ), as this is frequently the measure that makes the most sense for your organization. Sales will come in if your website is user-friendly and your adverts are interesting and visible to your target market.

3. Choosing the Right Employees 

When startups contact digital firms, they may encounter one of two scenarios. They realize that most charge at least R5,000 per month ( not counting the ad budget ) and are unable to proceed. Alternatively, they can engage an agency by lowering costs in other departments and expect little or no sales growth. There are excellent agencies that give flexible pricing and excellent service, but new firms must be extremely vigilant, especially when cash flow is limited. 

Find someone who knows your sector if you wish to outsource. Choosing a marketer who has experience marketing pharmaceutical equipment but not your sector will not provide you with essential insight into your target audience’s behavior and tendencies.

Take the time to interview possible organizations or individuals to ensure that your industry, product, and customers are a good fit. To learn how they performed within their specified budget and time schedule, contact current or previous client references by phone or email. 

Many marketers have gone independent and are hunting for new clients as the work environment has changed as a result of Covid. If working with a freelancer is a better fit for you, look for pros on LinkedIn or Upwork.

You can learn more about digital marketing by watching videos and taking online courses, but consider whether hiring someone to do the work is more cost effective. A skilled individual or team allows you to concentrate on and expand other aspects of your organization.

4. Participate 

Outsourcing does not imply complete handover of control. You are the expert on your company and the vision you have for your brand. When hiring someone or a company to assist you with marketing and advertising, be clear about the voice, mood, and aesthetic you want, but have an open mind and be willing to try out new concepts and ideas. Remember that it’s fine to say “no” to ideas that don’t fit your vision. You always have the last say in what moves ahead and what doesn’t, even if you hire someone for their expertise.

“We involve the founders of the businesses we work with in the revision processes that are required to attain the proper vision and visual aesthetic for their brand. That necessitates a great deal of collaboration between my team and the founder. While our creative chemistry is crucial, I feel an exchange of ideas is essential to developing a concrete marketing strategy,” says Silas T Nkoana, Head of Digital Marketing.

5. Have a Website That Is Optimized 

Startups frequently scrimp on their website to save money, oblivious to the fact that their site must be completely optimized for both desktop and mobile devices. Within the first three seconds, most users decide whether to stay or leave a website. To keep customers engaged, your offering or service must be clear, with compelling graphics and language. It’s critical to have a general understanding of how SEO works ( Search Engine Watch has an easy-to-follow guide to understanding SEO ) and to hire a Google optimization professional.

“When we looked at our analytics, we discovered that while mobile accounts for 60% of our traffic, desktop accounts for 78% of income, indicating that our website was not fully mobile optimized. For easier and faster navigation, we added additional call-to-action buttons, split our products into category-specific collections, and placed customer reviews immediately under our products. Riaan adds, “We also discovered that our website theme was slowing down our page, so we’re replacing that.”

If you’re currently selling or planning to offer a product or service, digital marketing is the most effective way to increase your online sales. Examine the adverts and material created by your competitors or companies in your field to determine what works and what doesn’t. Read the comments as you go through their substance. Consumer feedback is the most useful source of information. If your ROI is favorable when you first start running advertising, gradually raise the amount of money you spend on the best-performing ad.

Testing advertising, finding the proper agency or freelancer, and figuring out what works are all trial and error at first. When you’ve found the formula that works for your firm, stick with it and you’ll reap the financial benefits.

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