7 graphic marketing strategies to pique your audience’s interest

7 graphic marketing strategies to pique your audience’s interest

According to online data, visual marketing is an important part of any marketing strategy for 49% of respondents. Furthermore, 19% of the experts polled believe their strategy is worthless if it does not incorporate visual content. 

You can see how crucial it is to include pictures in your marketing effort.A content marketplace with over 210 million stock images, offers visual marketing advice to help you learn more about the subject.

Explained: Visual Marketing 

Visual marketing is a component of a content marketing strategy that can be utilized to distinguish posts and content. The main goal is to get your audience’s attention. Visual marketing also promotes brand awareness and audience engagement by increasing communication with the target audience. Here are a few pointers to assist you understand graphic marketing tactics.

7 graphic marketing strategies to pique your audience’s interest

1. Make up a story 

Visual storytelling has been popular in a variety of marketing mediums, and for good reason. The visual cortex is the brain’s greatest structure. According to studies, a typical person’s memory retains only 10% of what they heard 72 hours later. This percentage jumps to 65 percent when the message is complemented by graphics. Instagram stories have become one of the most popular platforms among modern users, which should come as no surprise. Here’s what you’ll need to do in order to get the most out of this tool:

  • Deliver your message to the audience based on your objectives. 
  • Create a compelling scenario for the main story. 
  • Tell stories about your company’s everyday routine, events, and unique experiences to be genuine and true. 
  • Maintain consistency: Using the same typefaces, graphics, and corporate colors consistently improves brand awareness.

2. The use of colors 

It only takes 90 seconds of initial viewing before a person makes a subconscious decision about a product, so picking the appropriate colors before you launch your marketing campaign is critical. Keep in mind that particular colors are associated with specific emotions and feelings, as well as distinct seasonal holidays and events. As a result, don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors to catch your audience’s attention.

3. Make a point of highlighting popular topics. 

You may better appeal to your target audience and demonstrate that you’re on the same page with them by using popular themes in your marketing. To figure out which themes are best for your business. You can conduct surveys to learn more about your target audience’s lifestyle. The following are some of the hot topics for 2021: 

This theme can be used to demonstrate to your audience that you care about their well-being. You may make motivating movies, graphics, and images to capture your audience’s attention and help you communicate with them more effectively.

Nature: components or themes inspired by nature have a relaxing influence on most graphics. Using this theme, you can quickly fascinate your audience. 

Ad realism: marketers and content makers should reconsider the concept of authenticity. Brands, on the other hand, will have to discover new ways to communicate with audiences through more authentic and compelling tales, with image selection remaining a critical aspect.

4. Experiment with different call-to-actions (CTAs)

CTAs are useful because they may quickly help you generate replies from your target audience. They operate as a source of motivation for them to do the needed actions. They also aid in the progression of your readers through your sales funnel. Comment CTAs, bottom-of-the-post smart CTAs, and connect on social CTAs are all examples of CTAs you might want to investigate. 

CTAs are a highly powerful tactic, and you should use strong command verbs, figures if possible, and words that might elicit excitement or passion.

5.Experiment with different file kinds and formats. 

You may make your images more impactful by combining several types of files and formats. Videos, infographics, memes, quotations, and branded images are some of the numerous sorts of assets and formats you can use. Including visuals in your content marketing approach, such as infographics and videos, will help you stand out and raise your click-through rates dramatically.

6. Make good use of fonts 

Fonts can also help people understand what you’re saying. Fortunately, there are a variety of fonts that can be utilized for a variety of purposes. Serif fonts, for example, can be used in a simple design. Souvenir and Futura Bold are two other typefaces. To improve your marketing initiatives, try experimenting with different fonts or combinations.

7. Create a visual style that is easily recognizable. 

Visual style is vital since it allows you to add more impact to your images and capture your audience’s attention, especially when it’s recognizable. Taglines, logos, and other aspects that your audience may simply recognize are some of the features of visual branding that you can apply. 

Furthermore, as compared to unbranded photos, most viewers find branded images more impactful, while memes and quotations can help you enhance user engagement. These are some simple ways to incorporate pictures into your content.


Visual marketing is still a useful and potent strategy for attracting an audience. It will not only improve communication with your audience, but it will also aid in the recognition of your brand. 

You can simply make your visual marketing campaigns effective by telling a story, employing fantastic color combinations, and accentuating popular themes. Use of multiple sorts of files and formats, fonts, and building a uniformly recognizable visual style are some other tactics you might employ. All of them, together with a successful call-to-action, will result in the conversion you seek.

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