Are you unsure if content marketing is right for your company? Silas highly advises you to reconsider your position because it is one of the few marketing techniques with a low upfront cost and a high ROI potential. 

For good reason, Seth once said, “Content marketing is the only marketing we have left.” Creating your own content opens up a slew of previously undiscovered revenue potential for your company. Original material, whether it’s a couple blog articles a week, a podcast, or a video, can help convert visitors into customers. The following are four reasons why…


1. Content marketing will work in conjunction with your existing marketing strategy

For many organizations, content marketing appears to be a far cry from their current practices. In actuality, it’s likely to be ideal. Do you already have a PPC campaign running? Do you want to concentrate on SEO? Are you planning a social media marketing campaign? You’ve most likely said “yes” at least once.

These three marketing tactics are complemented by content marketing. How? ‘Or’ What? This gives you more landing page options for PPC. A consumer may not be in the purchasing stage of the sales funnel, but they are actively seeking additional information. Posting blog entries on various industry issues can be an excellent way to direct these clients to the solutions they seek and to your company. You can show adverts to potential customers once they arrive at your blog article.

If you’ve ever used SEO to improve your website’s search ranks, you’re aware of the value of keywords. You may add more keywords in a search engine friendly manner through blogging, which will continue to boost your results organically and cheaply. 

Most businesses use social media, but finding relevant content to share with your audience can be tough. You may boost your social media presence and direct an already interested customer to your website by developing your own content.

2. Increase the amount of targeted traffic to your website

Through any of the aforementioned channels, content marketing can help you boost the amount of visitors to your site. Even better, this is high-quality traffic. Content marketing is more effective in generating leads than interrupt-based communications, according to studies. Why? This is because you’re reaching out to customers at a moment when they’re looking for information about your products. Rather than bombarding them with advertisements, you provide them with helpful material, which creates trust. This trust establishes a bond between your company and the customer. In fact, you could argue that content marketing is the only form of relationship marketing that is scalable. 

3. There isn’t much of a risk involved

It will cost you money whether you are running Facebook advertisements, operating a PPC campaign, or investing in display ads. With all of these marketing techniques, there are always a lot of upfront fees. It may take some trial and error to establish the ideal marketing mix for paid advertising that drives quality visitors to your site.

Content marketing, on the other hand, has low upfront costs and no ongoing costs because you’ll most likely be distributing it on your own website. Even if an attempt fails or you discover that your audience prefers one content marketing channel over another (for example, blogs over videos), you can make the required changes, upload fresh material, and not lose anything.

4. It is something that everyone does

Don’t go against everything you’ve ever been taught, but if your competitors are using content marketing and you aren’t, you’ll be left behind. Recent study backs this up. According to research, 88 percent of B2B companies and 76% of B2C enterprises use content marketing in some form or another to grow their business. About half of companies intend to expand their content marketing efforts in the future. How long will it take you to catch up if you haven’t begun yet? When it comes to building your content marketing plan, don’t fall behind. To get started, use some of these simple pointers.

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